Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Military pump up songs...

Okay, here are a few "pump up songs" or "military oriented" songs. A lot of them are Marine Corps, I apologize now for that but being around the Marines brings more of the specific songs in. If you click on the name of the song, a YouTube video will hopefully pop up! :)

The Warrior Song - Hard Corps 
- Definitely a pump up song for Marines and their girlfriends. One of those chill inspiring songs.

Semper Fi - Trace Adkins
- Amazing for Marines again. It's definitely what the lifestyle is about from boot camp to deployment.

Made in America - Toby Keith
- Mentions the Marines again, definitely a pure American song.

American Soldier - Toby Keith
- A song for all of our brave soldiers out there. Sometimes played at Basic graduation.

One Thing Beautiful - Rocket Club
- A song for the significant others of Marines. It's cute.

Marine to the Core - Aces Up
- No YouTube video for this one, but it's an inspiring Marine Corps song.

God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood
- One of the classics yet still touches your heart!

Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue - Toby Keith
- Another great one sang by this amazing artist!

On my Watch Tonight - Mike Corrado
- One of my favorites because I know the artist, he is absolutely amazing and Marine. He has written many songs for our troops.

Stand - Mike Corrado
- Another inspiring song for all of our troops and their families!

Still in the Fight - Mike Corrado
- For our veterans and all of the things our troops have done for us over the years!

Alright there are tons of songs out there but these are some of my favorites. Keep your heads up and sometime shoot me an email to let me know how you all are doing. Have a fantastic day!



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